“It takes a unique person to understand brain injury and how to de-escalate situations that may arise. I mean, it’s not Jeff being uncontrollable or having issues.  It’s the brain injury that he can’t control.  And people have to learn how to deal with that person.” – Vickie


“What I always wanted was my husband back. And what she has helped me and guided me to get a piece of him back. It’s hard for anyone as an adult to have to follow directions again and have to listen to what they say all the time, but the PRS Way works. And it got us through another step to Luke’s progress.” – Daniella



“In the beginning, it was like walking around on eggshells because we couldn’t talk about brain injuries or how to help him because it didn’t exist. They start helping with the terminology because you have to learn to label it.  You know what it is then you can attack it.” – Vickie